Northstar Development is a West Australian property development company. We look beyond the obvious and aim to deliver truly exceptional results. 5 principles guide our thoughts and actions in creating places for you to live, work and play.

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1. Freedom

Liberate yourself. Enjoy where you live. Live closer to the essential places and friends. Live more affordably and take the pressure off.

We aim to create spaces and places that feel great, are well located, affordable and customised for your needs.

2. Community

Be a part of something special. Connect when you feel like it. Benefit from the wisdom and energy of people of all ages who live in the community with you.

We aim to create medium density spaces and places which cater for people of all ages, create a sense of community and balance this with the need for personal space.

3. Beauty and Feeling

We aim to create spaces and places that are beautiful to behold and feel great to be in.

These projects recognise that the built environment has an enormous effect on how we feel and behave. They aim to invite you to experience a place, time and again, and enjoy being there.

Photo credit: Architect Vo Trong Nghia’s “House for Trees”

4. Sustainability and Productivity

Do you live, work or play in a space or place which is in tune with nature?

We aim to create spaces and places which are responsive to the natural environment and give back to the world. They use renewable energy and natural or recycled material where possible, and are thermally efficient.

Photo credit: The Swan River Deck, Perth, Western Australia



5. Flexibility

Life is full of choices. Why not stay flexible?

We aim to create spaces and places which can be adapted as your family expands, you grow older or you decide to start a home business.

We also aim to offer forms of tenancy which give you security but allow you to arrive or leave at little cost and with little notice. If you’re focused on ownership, we can work with that too.